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At Vaziri Consulting Engineer, we strive to keep up with the latest changes to legislation and the Building Code of Australia.

Building Code of Australia (National Construction Code)
Building Code of Australia is part of the ACT Building Act, therefore all constructions should be compliant, however alternative solutions can be suggested with the Deemed-to-Satisfy provision.

Vaziri Consulting Engineer can assist you for your project to achieve compliance with the Building Code and alternative solution. You can access the Building Code of Australia for further information.

For your convenience, the Building Code of Australia (National Construction Code 2015) can now be downloaded for free, simply register with the Australian Building Codes Board to download a copy.

We're looking forward to working with you on your next project.

Clay and clay mixture foundations
When foundations are built in clay or mixtures of clay and sand, underground water will be held in contact with the walls and will cause leakage, particularly after heavy rains. One of the simplest ways of draining the soil adjacent to the walls is to lay a line of aggie pipe around the base of the foundation and to then lead the pipe into the stormwater drainage system. It should be carefully bedded in a layer of sand or small stones. The pipe should be laid as such to prevent clay or silt entering, and the space adjacent to the wall should be filled with gravel or crushed stone up to 500mm below ground level. Cover with top soil and so that it is at ground level. The backfill should be compacted to avoid future settlement.

Winter heat loss
Did you know? External walls, ceilings and roof spaces account for up to 60% of winter heat loss? You can reduce your energy bill by insulating your heated and non-heated areas. For example, in addition to standard insulation, you can add R2 insulation batts between the internal walls and your garage relatively cheaply. The benefits will last a lifetime.

Avoid the traps
Did you know? Vaziri Consulting Engineer is both a Principal Private Certifier and a Structural Engineer? This means that our designs comply with the Code. Avoid the traps. Talk to one of our consultants today about your next project.