Civil & Structural Engineering Services

Structural Design: Footing & Slab and Soil Classification

If you’re about to develop a piece of land or if you’re planning an extension to your home, you’ll need a footing and slab design. You may also need a soil classification assessment.

Talk to us about soil profiles. We assess the allowable bearing pressure of the soil on your land then we’ll design a suitable footing and slab. Vaziri Consulting is qualified to perform soil classifications and footing and slab design for your new house or extension.

Structural Design: Frame and Floor

Special considerations apply if you’re about to build a two or more story building. Timber, steel or reinforced concrete? Before you choose, talk to Vaziri Consulting and get expert advice on all the options available to you. We’ll make sure you have the facts.

Structural Design: Retaining Wall and Outdoor Building

If you’re planning to build anything on a slope where cutting the soil is required, you’ll likely need a retaining wall. They can range from timber or rock, all the way to reinforced concrete. Choosing the right retaining wall for your soil profile and cut is critical for the safety of your investment.

Need a design for an outdoor project? We’ll take the time to understand your needs and talk options. We’ll then design your future outdoor structure, big or small. We’ll also advise you on your compliance obligations.

If you get either of these wrong then insurance won’t cover you. Avoid the traps and reduce risk. Call Vaziri Consulting today and we’ll make sure you’re protected.

Erosion and Sedimentation Control Design

Often, local governments require an Erosion and Sedimentation Control Management Plan before construction commencement. Vaziri Consulting Engineer is able to assist you with your plan to stabilise the soil and prevent movement in different climatic conditions.

Underground water, surface water and in some cases seepage can create a major problem to soil and subsequently to structures. This can sometimes cause soil sliding, which can lead to significant structural damage. Protect your investment. With extensive knowledge of soil mechanics and soil structure; we can assist you in controlling and managing underground water, minimising risk.

  • Over 35 years of real-world engineering experience.
  • CPEng, RPEQ and NPER recognised Engineer.

Engineering Inspections

We provide Structural and Engineering Assessments on building defects such as:

  • Deflection or deformation
  • Building components
  • Poor workmanship
  • Fire or water damage
  • Differential footing settlement
  • Retaining wall failure

Vaziri Consulting Engineer has extensive experience and knowledge in strength and behaviour of building materials and systems, building components and soil structures. Our reports will provide a range of economically viable recommendation options to rectify any defects found. With a Builder Class A (ACT) license, our theory can be put into practise.

  • Extensive experience in Canberra and surrounding regions
  • Over 35 years of real-world engineering experience.
  • CPEng, RPEQ and NPER recognised Engineer.
  • Class A Builder (ACT)

Energy Rating Advice

Vaziri Consulting Engineer is able to provide energy rating advice to help you meet your requirements.

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